Train to be a sissy

Who is a sissy? Sissy is a pejorative term that is used for a man or a boy who has and possesses effeminate qualities. Generally, somebody who is known to be a sissy lacks courage, testosterone, the male libido, and the strength that normal men possess. A sissy usually takes part in feminine activities, mostly being BDSM but in order to take part in activities like BDSM a sissy has to undergo a sissy training.

What is a sissy training?

A sissy training is known to be a process where men try to learn and adapt female roles. The sissy acts as a submissive who tries to adopt the feminine behaviour and also learns how to perform feminine activities. Sissy training is mainly performed for role play during BDSM.

Activities for sissy training

Varied activities are performed under the sissy training; these activities can range from non-sexual act to housekeeping and doing the makeup. Then there are sexual acts also that are part of sissy training like oral sex and anal sex. There are other things also that are a part of sissy training:

  • Cross-dressing and body shaving is also a part of sissy training, as they help in transforming the male body completely and make it feminine to a great extent.
  • In sissy training, there is also sissy maid training, that helps a sissy become more submissive by wearing frilly clothes and also helps them perform a lot of duties.

Sissy training is necessary for a sissy to become more feminine and to adopt the feminine qualities, it is a slow process and takes some time but it has a great impact and is quite helpful in making a sissy submissive and in learning the sexual and non-sexual acts of BDSM.